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We bring the world’s top thought leaders and inspirational personalities to share their expertise and life experiences to what pulled them along on their business, athletic, and life journeys. The PEOA Collective supports the efforts of numerous sports events called Disability Dream & Do.


We invite you to join the team and grow your business and platform with inspiration and motivation.

Disability Dream & Do Co Founder & Director

Pro Baseball Player, Championship Manager, Pro Team Owner, Olympic Coach, Speaker, Author, Inspiration to Pulling Each Other Along



Disability Dream & Do Co Founder & Director
7 Time Emmy Award Winner, Motivational Speaker

Teacher, Philanthropist, Advocate, Author, TV Journalist

3 Sport Athlete in College, Born with no legs





Top 10 Podcast Host, Chairman Pantheon FM,

Selling High Ticket Services Through Podcasting.

Avid Marvel Fan



Founder at Ability Tech Foundation
Creator of the Heartfelt Business Model and Founder/Director of Hudson Profits

Beautiful Soul, Heartfelt Business Consultant. Model, World Traveler, Mother of Three, and Entrepreneur




CEO of Stinger Sports
SWFL Marketing Group Owner/Lead Advisor

Master Advertising Specialist


Owner/Office Manager

Customer Care Specialist


Founder & Co-Chair Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester

City of Rochester, NY Fire Department (Retired)

Founder and past coach of the Rochester Pioneers Beep Baseball Team (baseball for the blind and visually impaired)


Author,“From Broke to Six Figures: Steps to Success in Business and Life”

A Saver’s Wealth Advocate  

Inspiring Committed Savers to Get Clarity and Confidence in Effectively Stewarding Their Wealth



Life & Business Resiliency Expert, Author, Motivational Speaker,
Owner of Neuro Skills Coach, LLC

Coaching High-Profile Athletes & Executives

100% Customized Training to Become the Leader of Your Field



Creative Director and Owner, Scope Design

Veteran in design and the multimedia industry



CEO/Founder Civin Media Relations

Award Winning Author, Pulling Each Other Along

Author and creator of more than 70 children’s books including Sammy Swims with Jamal Hill, 1% Better with Chris Nikic, Where There’s a Wheel There’s a Way, A Knight in Shining Armor, A Bike to Call Their Own, Together We Finish, A  Cup of Kindness and Courage with Charlie, along with nearly a three dozen additional titles.



Entrepreneur, Author, and Owner of Aloe Holistics

Visit aloeholistics.com to learn more about the power of Aloe in your life and health.

Find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/aloeholistics

Co-Founder at MarketingBoost

Marco Torres with MarketingBoost.com helps business owners grow with Travel incentives.

Executive Director and Founder of the League of YES.

Kristine founded the League in 2010, formally known as the Miracle League of Long Island in association with the Miracle League Organization.

In 2014 Kristine made the bold decision to leave the Miracle League and create her own organization named, “The League of YES”, YES- where You Experience Success”.  Her mission is to establish and sustain baseball programs for people (of all ages) with disabilities and to make a positive difference in the lives of disabled children through recreation, and to provide physically active outlets. Kristine’s goal is spread the word and joy of this program nationally.


Visit https://www.leagueofyes.org/ to learn more.

Former Division I Athlete
Former Division I athlete also entrepreneur open to exploring various industries as well as gaining more professional knowledge.